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Our Mission and Strategy

Wipro Applying Thought In Schools
Building capacity on the ground for education reform
Wipro Applying Thought In Schools is our initiative to help in societal change and development. This initiative is long-term, deliberate and focused. The intent of this initiative is to improve the Quality of education – so that life opportunities and possibilities are expanded for everyone, including the most under privileged.


Raison d’etre

We believe education is a fundamental enabler of social change. Schools tend to mirror social realities including the issues that concern society. To create a citizenship that is creative, caring and driven by a spirit of inquiry and democratic principles, schools need to go beyond this and become labs for change. While it is essential that schools engage with social realities they also need to provide the space for children during their formative years to question, to challenge and understand society. Fundamental principles of justice, equity and humaneness need to be nurtured in this environment.

Every child is unique and has her own method of learning. So education should not impose standards that are generalized. It needs to provide the space for every child to realize her potential.

This will primarily be driven by the classroom culture and the pedagogical methods employed in schools, the assessment, the curriculum, the overall culture that is prevalent in the school.

School education systems do not change overnight. We believe that a sustained effort will be needed, and we are committed to the process of bringing about a change in the way our schools function.

There is a need to constantly engage in systemic education reform to transform the nature of our schools and the way education is perceived and hence rendered in schools. The work has to be done at all levels.

  • on the ground with all types of schools, the rural and marginalized ones as well as the aspirational urban elite.
  • building capacity in social organizations for education reform and helping build new organizations that will continue to engage in this effort
  • advocacy and sharing of experiences and findings to larger citizenry, within the education sector and at a policy level.

As a corporate, our leverage is in networking and advocacy; and we use this actively in our initiative.


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Build eco-system

  • Build and nurture an eco-system of social organizations working in education reform
  • Help existing organizations build capacity to influence the larger system
  • Support creation of new organizations and help them acquire credibility, confidence and engage actively with schools

Experiment and Learn

  • Support experiments towards initiating and sustaining change in a school subsystem
  • Document insights and learnings from these experiments and use them in advocacy


  • Build awareness on issues with current system and cascade the need for change
  • Advocate the cause of good education and demonstrate possibilities