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EZ Vidya - Teacher Empowerment Program

Teacher Empowerment Programme (TEP)
Objectives –

  • Enable teachers to reflect on their current teaching learning practices
  • Empower teachers with new theories and concepts related to teaching learning
  • Support teachers to implement the techniques derived from the above, in their classrooms

Scope –
The Teacher Empowerment Programme is a 2 year partnership between EZ Vidya, WATIS and the school. The first year consists of 10 full day training sessions, usually done once every month. The second year consists of the School Based Support Programme (SBSP), where in trainers from EZ Vidya would discuss with the teachers on how specific techniques can be implemented in their classrooms and also identify and possibly eliminate specific roadblocks towards the same.

Coverage -
TEP was carried out in different schools across Tamil Nadu, from the year 2003 onwards, continuing to the academic year 2007-08. A total of 43 schools were covered under the programme, where in more than 1000 teachers were trained and empowered.

Summary of Sessions –

  • A session titled ‘New Paradigm’ helps teachers reflect on their current teaching learning practices
  • A session on Multiple Intelligences exposes teachers to the theory and its possible implications for the classroom
  • Sessions on ‘thinking’ unravels the various aspects of thinking, including Blooms Taxonomy and Creative Thinking
  • A session on ‘Collaborative Learning’ prepares the teachers to use the power of collaboration in their classrooms
  • A session on ‘Emotions & Empathy’ helps teachers understand their students better. This combined with a session on ‘Classroom Management’, enables teachers to better manage their classrooms
  • Two in depth sessions titled ‘Teaching for Understanding’ focus on framing objectives and seeking evidences of learning in classrooms

All sessions would be followed up with specific action points that can be integrated with the teachers’ lesson plans and taken to the classrooms.